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Travel is a vitally important part of any working holiday experience, but particularly in New Zealand. The country has so much to offer, it's like it's own mini continent. You can go from beautiful golden beaches in the North, to the rugged cold mountains in the South. You're going to want to see it all in your time here, so pick the best options for you.





New Zealand is the home of the hostel! They do them pretty bloody well, you might even find ones with a sauna and a hot tub. Always worth giving them a go, but if it’s not your cup of tea, we’ve covered some options for you to have a look at. 

If you’re looking to travel around NZ, sort you out with nights at hostels all across the country.


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Tours and Attractions


People talk about New Zealand as the adrenaline country. When was the last time you did something for the first time? New Zealand has everything from hiking and biking, to jumping off bridges and sky diving; and while you are here we reccommend you try it all! 

In this section you can find all the best attractions across the North and South Island on sale at some of the best prices around. Have a browse and see what takes for fancy. 


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Getting Around


Whether you are hiring a car, or biking your way around this place, you are going to continue to want to see more.  Having the option of group bus trips, car rentals, campervans and everything else in between is an essential part of your travel plans. 

There so many different options, and every traveller has their own preferred way to get about. We have put together some information on some of the most popular transport options for you to read through and find out which fits your style the most. 


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Travelling is a must-do in New Zealand, what better way to see the country with other like-minded travellers on a trip of a lifetime

G Adventures Tours

Looking at travelling on your way to New Zealand? New last minute deals are available with the great adventure people, our favourite small group tour company

Lonely Planet

Get in the know before you go! The original backpackers guide books are an excellent way to get the locals insider knowledge on a destination

Tips and Tricks

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