5 New Zealand travel-related things you can buy with the money for an iPhone X

Posted on September 20, 2017 by jonholmes156


The iPhone X. Wow, that’s a nice looking mobile phone! It’s certainly a huge step up from anything Apple has ever created before, but it comes with a rather vomit-inducing price tag. In the US it’ll cost $1000, in the UK it’ll set you back £1000, and here, where I’m writing from, in New Zealand, it’ll take $1799 big ones to get you that phone. Before you go and say “he’s just an Apple hater” or “take the Samsung out of your arse”…I’m actually the proud owner of an iPhone 6, iPad Pro, iPod, and a MacBook Air, but I won’t be buying the iPhone X, simply because I can think of far better things to spend my money on.

I started to think about what the money for an iPhone X could get you in the travel world. So, if you’re working hard, trying to save up for the big gap year to NZ and the iPhone X is tempting you, have a read of these 5 things that might change your mind.

1. Return flights to New Zealand


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Let’s start with the obvious. In this day and age, the money for an iPhone X can get you to New Zealand and back. A study by kiwi.com found that flight prices were at an all time record low. On average in the United Kingdom, it costs people just £8.18 per 100KM to fly. That price is about comparable with the cost of driving your car, possibly slightly cheaper. Now is the best time to go on your overseas adventure.

The £1000 that it takes to get you an iPhone X will get you a flight with a pretty great airline too. Flights with Emirates from London to NZ in June 2018 are going for around £700. That leaves you another £300 to spend on something else! Brilliant. Have a look for yourself at kiwi.com.

So, think about the memories an iPhone X could give you, then think about how an adventure to New Zealand could change your life. I know which one I would choose.

2. An awesome trip with Roady



New Zealand is a country that is made for a road trip. While you cruise through mountains, traverse around lakes, and take in the beauty of the place, you’ll find yourself feeling at one with nature. That’s why the next NZ adventure you can buy with the money for an iPhone X is this 14 day, Wellington to Queenstown trip, designed by the legends at Roady. This one’s called “Razzle Dazzle” and guess what?! This one will only set you back $NZ1399. So, again, you’ve got another $400 left over! This Roady is still under construction, but the team have plenty of others to choose from at www.roady.co.nz.

The cool thing about “Razzle Dazzle” is that you’ve got your car hire, your accommodation, discounted attractions, an E-Book Travel Guide and Roady support throughout the trip. All for the price of one phone?! What’s the world coming to?

3. A whole load of Lonely Planet books


This one may not be completely relevant, but, I just wanted to highlight how many quality Lonely Planet New Zealand books you can get.

I’ve just looked on their UK website and have found it for £16.99. So if you do the maths, that means that with the £1000 it takes to get an iPhone X, you can buy yourself and your friends 58 Lonely Planet guides to help you get around NZ. So what are you waiting for, go and order them! Click here to get you straight there.

4. You could buy a car in New Zealand


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New Zealand has the rather unimpressive statistic that it has almost as many cars as people. Though, that still isn’t very many compared to other countries, it’s a lot on a per capita basis. What that does mean though, is that you can get one for a bargain when you’re here on your working holiday.

At Turners, they auction off hundred of cars every day, all across the country. You might be saying, “surely we can’t get a car for $NZ1799”. Well, my friend, you most certainly can, and a relatively good one at that.

I’ve put a search together through Turners and edited the price to be a maximum of $NZ2000. There’s plenty to feast your eyes on. Take a look at my search here. There’s a 1998 Honda CRV going for $NZ1500 at the moment. Who wouldn’t want to cruise around the worlds most beautiful country in the worlds most marvellous car? Think about that, just think about that.

5. You can do the entire Stray Bus network



Stray provides arguably the most comprehensive hop on hop off bus network in New Zealand. Their aim is to take you off the beaten track and get you lost in the real New Zealand. They’ve pretty much nailed that.

The “Maximus” is their pass that gets you almost the entire network. You have 12 months to complete it, and can jump on and off as many times throughout the network as you want. You can get all of this joy and excitment for $NZ1749. That’s $50 cheaper than the iPhone X is going to cost you. For real die-hard Apple fans, they may only have that phone for a year, then get the next one when it comes out. So you get a years worth of fun out of both, but I think you get far more for your money by getting on the Stray Bus. In fact, I think you could get far more for your money if you chose any one of the 5 things highlighted in this article. But, the decision is up to you, and you alone. Good luck!

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