Knowing who to fly with to New Zealand can be determined by a number of different factors. The time it takes to get there, the cost of the airline ticket, and the route taken to get there. It’s important to get those things right to suit you, after all, this is, on average, a 28 hour flight from most places in Europe and a 15 hour flight from most places in the Americas.

Below is a table of the airlines that fly to New Zealand from most major nations in the world.

                      Country                                        Total Travel Time                         Reccomended Airlines  



If you are stuck knowing how and where to book your flights, then we always recommend going to a travel agent. They are the experts in the field and can work out your itinerary better than an online system can. We usually use STA Travel because they have such amazing rates for under 26's, students, and pretty much everyone! If you go in and see them, they will find you something that works. Just make sure you mention our name when you go in and speak to someone!


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