Kia Ora Everyone,

The WE Travel NZ team here! We thought it would be best if we tell you a bit about ourselves and how the company came about. Starting in 2016 and born out of a love to travel and explore. Created by a Kiwi and a Brit, both of which have done working holidays before. We are NZ owned and operated and love providing the famous friendly kiwi service. 
Our products and programs have been finely tuned from our own experiences, to bring you what you need to have the best overseas adventure.
As a team, we understand what it’s like to be overseas, along with the best things New Zealand have to offer. What a combination! Come and say hi whenever you get time, we’re always keen to have a drink and to share some stories.

Our Mission 

To inspire and create effortless, unforgettable life experiences and sustainable travel.


The WE Travel Values

WE Encourage  to make each day better than the last

WE Give Back  to each other, the community and wilderness

WE Together are equal, respectful, supportive and limitless

WE Lead  by example, to be the best


WORK wherever, EXPERIENCE together & TRAVEL forever.

Sustainable Travel 

We believe travel should always be sustainable, in all meanings of the word. Not only should we be friendly to our environment and the local communities we visit, but it should be something we can continue to do as we make our way around the world. 

To be able to work as your travel, gives you the greatest opportunity to see as much of the country and what it has to offer. We feel that this is the ultimate life hack! It would be great to travel for 2 years never having to work, sure! But that's almost impossible these days without having to work seriously hard on the 9-5 grind for years to save up.

To sustainably make your way around New Zealand (and the world) is the most unbelievable opportunity and we want to help you the whole way! From milking cows on a dairy farm to mixing up cocktails in Auckland, you can now make your working holiday experience an NZ wide adventure, and see the whole country while you do it. 





We know that having a social presence and ease of access is vital today. That's why we're working hard on developing an app for both Android and iPhone to enhance your WE Travel Experience.

Watch this space for the exciting progress! 








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