5 things I didn’t expect moving to New Zealand!





1. That it would be so beautiful



Honestly, it’s ridiculous. Everyone tells you it’s beautiful but you really have to see it to believe it. The whole country is kind of like Scotland on steroids. There’s something pretty cool about being on a beach and seeing snow capped mountains on the horizon at the same time (head to Sumner beach near Christchurch city for a glorious view).


Corsair Bay

But my favourite little spot so far has to be Corsair Bay, the water was so blue it reminded me of a secluded beach you’d find on a Greek Island – only 20 mins from Christchurch, just over the Port Hills!


2. That Christchurch would be full of so many hidden gems


Town Tonic

Sadly Christchurch gets a little overshadowed by its North Island rival, Auckland. Hit by a catastrophic earthquake in 2011, this city has a bit of a run-down reputation. But the capital of the South Island is reviving and going to be better than ever. Last month we saw the city unveil some of its biggest projects, the Justice Precinct, the Crossing and drum roll please… H&M!(you’re not the only one Auckland).


Fat Eddie's

But for me, it’s been the places that don’t have a huge fanfare surrounding them. Like Fat Eddies for a classy jazz night, Little High Eatery for a tasty dins, Town Tonic for a big ol’ brunch and Strange & Co. for a cosy drink and some questionable comedy.


3. That the people would be SO friendly


Nice people in New Zealand

Shout out to Renee who helped me set up my bank account with BNZ and to the over-enthusiastic shop assistant at Glassons.


4. That I would do so much, already!


Jet Boating Hanmer Springs

I’ve been in New Zealand a little over a month now and already feel like I have done some pretty cool things. Here are a few of my faves…

– Jet boat riding in Hanmer Springs with Gavin who loved 360-degree spins and going a little too close to the edge.
– A 3-hour waterfall hike on the foothills of Mount Isobel with incredible views and a LOT of steps.
– Whale watching in Kaikoura with willy, ‘Holey Moley’ (a giant sperm whale), seals, dolphins, a couple of albatross and a delicious seafood BBQ.


Whale Watch Kaikoura


5. That it would be so easy


Relax about NZ working holiday

You’re going to be fine.

There’s something about New Zealand that feels like home. Maybe it’s the people? Maybe it’s the landscape? Maybe it’s the fact I had a little help from WETravelNZ?


All I know is, if I can move here, you can.



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